Today we are grateful

Yesterday was Jill’s moving day.

Since I found out Mum got the bed at the Villa St Joseph I have been happy, but not sure how to feel. After all, I, have been traveling in some form or another since October of last year, to see her…now I will be less than 10 mins away.

After dropping S at school I drove to Shelburne to pack up mums stuff. Jill was emotional as she had started to make friends in the last few weeks, and she would miss them.

I packed up the car, said our goodbyes and we paused in the driveway of the Manor and held hands – looking at each other, tearful and grateful.

This is a moment we have been waiting for for a long time, and I am sure, to mum, it seemed much longer.

Finally, we will be together.

Jill will no longer have 2nd rate care by a much understaffed LTC facility. She will no longer be pushed or shoved by a dementia patient that she triggers. She will no longer have a roommate that is bedridden and close to death’s door.

As I drove away from Shelburne Jill kept patting my shoulder…I think she was a bit apprehensive. I assured her she would like the change.

What a change it was!

As we pulled up to the Villa, a team of people was outside waiting for us. Some to unload the car, others to show us around, nursing staff, physiology, dietician all stopped in as we unpacked. Amidst all the activity Jill had time to grab my hand and look deeply in my eyes, and nod. She likes it. She will be able to have a place to be quiet here, but also to socialize. The staff are all so friendly and seem to really like their jobs. Even the cat Lola is friendlier!

Last night I called Jill to check in on her first night -  she was relaxing and watching some tv in her room – alone. She gave me the thumbs up and a big smile. This is such a change for me. I have had to see my mother cry A LOT over the past few months. When we finished talking I took a deep breath and I could feel my entire body relax a little more. I hadn’t realized the amount of stress I was holding in. How much Jill’s circumstance was effecting how I held my body and even breathed.

There is still loads to be done but I know we are both breathing a little easier knowing that she is and will be taken care of properly when I cannot be there.

Exhales deeply.

xo a

** for those that are visiting she's in room 244 -St Agnus Wing