Dorians Path

I can't lie...I am a little freaked out. This is our first major storm since I have been here.

We have our “storm chips” (a Nova Scotian tradition) ready and are stocked up with provisions and water – just in case.

Last I heard the eye of Dorian was headed for Shelburne, where Jill is. I am driving there today to pick her up for a few days – knowing full well that Yarmouth might get hit harder than Shelburne.

Why? Because we are Smith women, dammit! We love us some adventure, even if it's a new kind of adventure for us. Adventuring in our jammies storm watching from the living room with a roaring fire…watching Netflix.

At least…that’s how I imagine it going…

I could be wrong it could be horrendous, or it could just blow over us, like a seed of a dandelion, drifting in the wind.

Either way, our little unit will brave it together, as we will a lot of things in the future, I imagine.

Stay safe friends.

xo a

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