A look at the ocean, through Jill's eyes.
A look at the ocean, through Jill's eyes.

This blog will be a raw journal of my feelings; as well as updates on my mums well being, but mostly it will be a safe space for me to say what I need to say and it won't always be flowers and roses.
If this makes you uncomfortable, don't read it. I'll still love you. april

The brain sure is an interesting place, and when it is damaged, you realize the delicate balance that is your neural pathway is…and how connected everything in your body is.

Imagine that there’s nothing wrong with your eyes, but you can only see what’s on the left side of your plate. You stop reading in the middle of the page, and sentences you read seem to end mid-sentence. You leave your bedroom with only your left arm through your shirt sleeve and only the left side of your hair combed. This is what life is like for Jill now.

Damage to the left side of the brain can cause right neglect, but this condition is less common and often less severe than left neglect. Many people with left-sided brain damage also have aphasia, a language disorder, which makes the milder right neglect harder to detect. In a healthy brain, both cerebral hemispheres attend to the right side of space, whereas only the right side of the brain attends to the left side of space. As a result, damage to the right hemisphere can result in more serious deficits than damage to the left hemisphere.

Even though Jill’s right leg now moves (not like it used to but that’s a work in progress), she has this neglect. It can cause trouble sometimes as she will approach a door frame and think she has no right side to her body so she places her body so that the right will most certainly hit the door frame. While it is a legitimate problem - sometimes it can be a little humorous because she’s so focused and determined that she doesn’t hear or see me gesturing for her to step out to the left a little more!

Jill also will only ever turn toward the left - hardly ever the right. I like to watch birds as does she and it has happened on many occasion in the car, I'll point something out on the right window and she will keep looking straight - agreeing that she sees whatever I'm pointing at when I turn to see her looking straight on. I have to put my hand on her head and physically turn it - then it’s like the blinder has been lifted “OOOOH” and starts nodding.

There are exercises we can and will do for this but truthfully, given all the driving and back and forth, a lot of the work I have been wanting to do with her hasn’t got done.

I am thinking I want to develop, not right or left neglect....but lawn neglect...YESSS! 😀

xo a


  1. Bring her home she will thrive… There is too much suffering in nursing home for the mind to be at peace.. and in her case to recover from confusion and her inability to communicate.

  2. Hi Virginia, There is nothing I would rather do. However, I am not retired and must find work, I am a single mom of a 12-year-old and EVEN Jill knows that she requires too much care to be home with us full time at the moment. The best I can do is to push to get her to Yarmouth – the homes here are VERY different from the manor. While I appreciate you have opinions on this subject, I wish you wouldn’t post them on my blog. Thank you.

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